Privacy Policy

Who We Are

‘We’ refer to the website of The privacy policy here describes how we treat the user’s information. We might have collected this information from the site or even from other offline source sites. The policy applies to every visitor coming to this site and our online clients. As you visit our site, you will find the details about how we take care of every little piece of your information with care.

What Information We Collect

  • Demographic Information

    The information we collect includes the events you enjoy, the types of games you play, and the tickets you buy, among others, at our site. We may additionally collect information in the form of a survey too.

  • Other Additional Information

    Among the other information, we may seek inputs related to the IP address and the location of visitors. We may even check for the time you spend on our site and what you intend to do as you are here. We may even collect information about the device you use and the OS version of the device. This will be to deliver better to the visitors.

The Process of Collecting Information

  • Directly from Visitors

    We may collect information directly from the visitor who visits or comments on the site. We do this either through a question, email, or phone call.

  • Indirectly from You

    We use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and cookies to collect information about the usage of the site.

  • Through Third Parties

    We have integrated social media widgets on our site. So, anytime you visit our site through these social media sites, we shall collect your additional information from these sites as well. However, this might include your name and email address.

Purpose of Collecting Your Personal Information

  • Answer Queries

    When you give us your information like email address, name, and phone number, we use it to reply or help you at any juncture.

  • To Improve UX

    Our quest is always to improve your experience at our site. This has been why we collected more details about you and your preferences. It helps to offer you a better time and receives what you need.

  • To Optimize Security

    We aim to use your data for security purposes just so that only you can enter the site.

  • To Share our Marketing Specials

    We might want you to get all the latest promotions and offers right immediately. We might need to get your email address or phone number to do so. We shall only use the information as permitted by the law.

Our Policies of Sharing Information with Third Parties

We share any information only if our third-party vendors need it. For instance, if we have to protect ourselves, and a government agency is seeking the information of our customers as a part of the investigation process, we shall provide your information as a subpoena. 

  • Third Parties Performing our Services

    We seek services from different companies that may or may not be located in India. This could be related to the finance or technology we use on the site. We may share the information with them to ease your navigation.

  • Affiliates

    We have affiliates associated with us. By sharing this information, we may improve the experience and offer cool products and services to you. These pieces of information will comply with the laws and terms of this policy.

  • The Successor of this Business

    We shall have to pass on the information of all our customers directly to the next heir to our business.

  • With our Business Partners

    We have to share certain information with our business partners or other websites. However, the information we share with them will be as per our privacy policy.

  • For Other Reasons, Not Disclosed here

    In case we have to share any of your information for any other reason that we have not given here, we would seek your permission for the same.

  • Storage of Personal Information

    We shall only store personal information for a specific period. It will comply with all the legal obligations, and it will be for future uses. The site holds the right to remove information later if we do not need it. We may continue to store your information even after you have updated or removed the same from our site. You can rest assured that none of your data will be comprised even after it remains on our site, as we shall remove the same after the retention period expires. We may store the information as long as the law requires it.

Our site uses ‘cookies’ to track some information about you, and this will need to comply with our cookie policy to improve the overall experience at our site. The cookie we use may collect, store, and track certain pieces of information for market analysis. The web browsers will only accept automatically. However, it is up to you to change this manually from your web browser settings, which may impact your overall experience here at the site. 

  1. Third-Party Sites

    If you click on any link to the third-party websites and go to any site from there, we do not control it. This privacy policy does not apply to those websites. Ensure to read the terms before clicking on any link, as we are not responsible for these third-party sites.

  2. Updates in this Policy

    We keep updating our Privacy Policy from time to time, but we shall inform you if the law demands the same. We will even post any updated copy on this site.

  3. Accept the Policy

    Using this site, you agree to acknowledge that you have accepted the privacy policy and therefore comply with the same. If you do not accept, you cannot play on this site. In that case, you might not even access any of the services or products we offer at