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If you are keen on using the OnlineBetting.org.in website or services, you must understand the company work policy and terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions offer details related to the consumers’ rights and commitments to our services.

You can only utilize and access the services if you acknowledge and consistently follow the Terms and Conditions as a client, guest, or any other user who refers to our services.

You pledge your consent by accepting all these terms and conditions, and your activities are bound by the same Terms and Conditions whenever you loan or use our site.

Besides that, our privacy terms and conditions also offer you a secure cover from the law and allow you to extract your legal rights and liabilities in this matter. Therefore, please take a small break to read and understand our privacy terms and conditions properly.

Our site may contain links to other third-party websites related to our services or sites not controlled by us. We only offer you information. We are not liable if any third-party website approaches or connects you or any other user. We are also not liable for the contents, security clauses, or substance offered by any third-party website featured on our site. Furthermore, our suite also does not offer a guarantee that the third-party sites we refer to will always be accessible.

Hence, as a responsible user, you need to reevaluate any third-party website before reaching them for any service. We will not be accountable if anything risky or misfortune happens to a user by connecting such third-party administrators.

As a responsible provider, we always encourage you to remain safe and responsibly use the internet. Please read the terms and conditions of any third-party website before you ink any deal with them or choose to use thief services.

We always encourage our users for responsible gambling, and we will not be liable if any of our users fail to remain responsible while gambling.

We May Collect User Information

As a service provider, we may collect user information while visiting our site. Information like email IDs, social media account links, name, general information (birthdates, age or gender, location), etc., are collected at certain times. We also send you cookies or a small data file of alphanumeric combinations when using our site. It is for speeding up and improving your user experience with our site. 

We only use this collected information to ensure our site operates and offers you content upon subscription. 

Additionally, we may also collect your IP address through the IP protocol if the need arises. We responsibly protect your privacy and security while collecting information. 

Please note that we do not ask for personal information on behalf of any third-party provider and ask you to analyze rationally before giving such consents. 


Despite being responsible providers, we cannot guarantee that our site or any content or a part of the site will be accessible round the clock. Hence, we are not responsible if any content, the whole website, or a part of this site is unavailable to you for a certain period. We may withdraw, delete, remove, or cancel any content, the entire website, or any part of it anytime without prior notice. Furthermore, we can limit the whole site or a portion of it from being available to any particular individual or from a particular demographic region.

We are not Accountable for Providing Any Information

We always prioritize the information or content we offer on our website. As responsible information providers, we always prioritize keeping the information accurate, effective, and updated. But, due to the changing nature of the information, we may not always keep you updated. Hence, our site is not liable if any information change causes any damage, harm, or misfortune, directly or indirectly. We are also not accountable if the change of the original information from our site leads to errors or inaccuracy for some users.

As per the existing law, any of the company or our service provided will be subjected to any complaints, harassment, threats if any of the users encounter a misfortune, loss of money, or other mishaps from any third-party website.

Furthermore, our site is also not accountable for the featured advertisements. We solely offer a space for advertisements and do not guarantee the information provided by the advertisers. Hence, we encourage you to recheck each advertisement before initiating any action from your end.

As a service provider, we only offer information related to gambling and online casino websites. We are keen on keeping updated information. But, we cannot offer you a guarantee of satisfying our information. This website is for entertainment, and we are not responsible if one encounters misfortune due to banned-based errors from any featured third-party gambling sites.

Absolute Right Over the Information We Provide

Our site has the “Sole Right” over any information or data we provide through the website. The term “information” includes the texts, graphics, animated images, videos, software, and everything else provided solely by us. No one can copy, distribute or publish any provided information for commercial purposes without any license or consent. If any user needs to circulate our information for commercial usage, they are directed to get prior consent from us. Failing to do so will result in legal action from our end.

Virus and Cyber Threats

We always try to keep everything safe and secure for our users. But we cannot guarantee that the contents or links (inbound and outbound) are free of viruses. Viruses or any other kind of cyber threats may enter the website during data transmission and any other kind of communication. Therefore, our earnest plea to all users is to keep their devices and internet footsteps protected from any virus or cyber threats.

We will not be accountable or held responsible if any of our users encounter loss due to any virus or similar cyber threats through our site.

Change of Terms and Conditions

As the owner of this wire, we have the sole authority to change or terminate any of the Terms mentioned above and conditions anytime, any day if the requirement arises. The change or upgradation in any of these terms and conditions is our sole discretion. But, as a responsible provider, we may put up a notice before 15 days of changing or updating any Terms or Conditions. We advise you to keep checking our site regularly to remain updated with any privacy terms and conditions. No one has the right to object to change or upgradation of the Terms and Conditions.

You give full consent to our privacy terms and conditions by accessing our site or services. If you are not satisfied with these terms and conditions or any changed terms or conditions, please quit using our services and site.